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Best Hen Party Games for Everyone

No matter the gateway plan, location, or venue for a delightful hen’s party, there must be plenty of hen party games and activities for the bride and her guests to enjoy. You can create special memories and unforgettable parties by considering classic games to engage in activities. Some of the common games you can consider are as follows.
Icebreaker games
Starting a hen party with some awesome icebreaker games pays off. You can opt for a guessing game whereby you tape a piece of paper reading a famous bride or female icon from history to each guest’s back once they arrive and spend the first moments of the party engaging with each other. Otherwise, you can do an icebreaker game that is more casual or classic. What is important is keeping the guests smiling, laughing, and enjoying themselves as they celebrate the bride’s future.
Bridal Bingo
This is another awesome hen party game you can consider. One thing you will love about it is that it is an easy game to play. It is advisable to pair it with themed, viola and hen party prizes.
Scavenger Hunt
This is one of the most interactive activities you can have at your hen party. It keeps guests entertained for as little as a couple of hours. The basic way to do this game is to hide several things for the guests to look for. However, you will give them clues that will lead to these treasures. Make sure you have fun prizes on hand to award the winner.
Hen party Mad Libs
Another perfect hen party game you can have is hen party mad libs. Many people consider it one of the easiest and funniest for the guests to play. It can be done by taking already made normal mad libs and having guests fill in their most outrageous hen party-themed words. The better part is that it takes time as the guests get involved and have a great time doing it.

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